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Essential Data Contacts

Nowadays people seem to be constantly changing their contact details. People get new phone numbers, open new email accounts, change jobs or move house. By assuming old data is up-to-date you may well be missing out on contacting loyal, interested customers who have changed their contact details. Equally you might be creating negative perceptions of your company by contacting people who do not want to be contacted any more. In essence, cleaning your data will reduce your campaign costs, improve your profitability, maximise customer relationships and avoid the negative implications of getting it wrong.

How we improve your data?

Clean - Verify and update name, address and date of birth details using files such as the Post Code Address File to ensure personal information is complete and accurate, and that marketing communications are deliverable.

Validate - Validate that an individual is present at an address and that telephone contact details are correct to ensure that your direct marketing reaches the intended recipient.

Suppress - Identify and remove individuals that cannot or will not respond as a result of them moving house, passing away, or registering with one of the preference services. This reduces wasted mailing costs and helps to avoid consumer annoyance.

Enhance - Use additional demographic and lifestyle information to gain a better insight into consumer behaviour and ensure your communication is relevant.

Match - Accurately identify and remove duplicate records within a single file, or between two files, to avoid mailing an individual with the same offer multiple times, mailing an existing customer, or an individual who has specifically requested not to be contacted by your organisation.

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