Landline Data

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Landline Data

Lists of telephone numbers for your telemarketing campaign

Essential Data Contacts

We provide trustworthy lists of landline telephone numbers for your telemarketing campaign. Telemarketing is one of the most effective ways of building customer loyalty. A good telephone sales campaign will develop a rapport with your customer from start to finish.

Data Media and Research can help by providing highly targeted telephone data lists that will carry a number of benefits.

  • Gauge your customers' interest immediately and have the opportunity to ask questions to assess their needs.
  • Carry out a successful telemarketing campaign that will help you re-establish lapsed customers' interests.
  • Explain complex products or ideas more effectively.
  • Measure the success of a campaign accurately and increase sales to existing customers

Our landline lists are collected through non-incentivised, opt-in sites owned by Data Media and Research. The fact that our data collection methods are not incentivised ensures that our lists of telephone numbers are of the highest quality.

If you would like further information on running a telemarketing campaign and the appropriate landline list to complement it, please contact one of our data consultants on 0114 281 5760 or you can download more information from our downloads page.

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