Postal Data

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Postal Data

Lists of UK addresses for your direct mail campaign

Essential Data Contacts

Data Media and Research has postal addresses available for most of the UK's 26 million households. We also hold the names of the adult resident at each address, totalling 43 million individuals in the UK.

Postal data lists are collected through our range of lifestyle sites and the transparent way that these are operated means that our mailing lists for rental are of the highest quality.

Marketing campaigns are most effective when two or more sales channels are used to complement rather than challenge each other. In the age of digital marketing more traditional forms of marketing can sometimes be overlooked, but research has shown that postal campaigns can still produce strong results - especially when used in conjunction with a other forms of advertising.

Benefits of using Data Media and Research for Postal campaigns.
  • High accuracy as all data is validated by a postal address finder (PAF validation)
  • All prospects have actively opted in to receive information - they are more likely to respond positively.
  • Fresh data is always available as our sites collect 24 hours a day.

If you would like further information on postal campaigns, please contact one of our data consultants on 0114 281 5760 or you can download more information from our downloads page.

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