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How we can provide you with the best data for your campaigns

Essential Data Contacts

Choosing the right data is essential to ensure the success of your marketing campaign. Our data is collected through our own opt-in, permission-based websites and these data collection sites have been created and promoted specifically to ensure optimum quality. In addition to data from our own extensive databases, we manage niche databases that will help with the targeting of your campaign. And as if that's not enough, we are also able to build and manage bespoke databases for our clients.

With any data source there are a variety of selection criteria available from basic information such as name and address to specific information on lifestyle choices (e.g. how much people spend on holidays, what destinations they choose etc). You need to ensure that you choose the right criteria for your campaign and decide what level of information you need - this will probably be dictated by your business objectives but could range from very simple conditions (e.g. email addresses only) to very complex (specific information on spending habits, lifestyle choices etc).

As for the cost of data, it all depends on the level of information and depth of targeting required. For more information on the data we have please contact one of our data consultants on 0114 281 5760 or you can download more information from our downloads page.

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