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Data Media and Research Lead Generation takes list building one step further by creating readymade, active leads that have expressed a strong interest in your product or service and would like further information from you as soon as possible. Pricing for lead generation is bespoke - costs vary according to the type of data required (priced per lead) and the industry sector.

In traditional marketing, most budgets are spent sending message to as many people as possibly. Cold calls, mailings, and advertisements - these are great ways to get in front of lots of people. Unfortunately, lots of people may not be interested in your offer, and don't pay any attention to your message. Online leads are different. Money is only spent on people who have 'opted in' to receive information from you on your product or service. So when you contact an online lead, you already have their interest - you just have to make them an offer.

We are able to provide our clients with:
  • Brochure requests
  • Telemarketing leads
  • Newsletter sign-ups

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