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Zussi Research is one of the UK's fastest growing online market research companies with access to over 4.2 million online consumers. Our clients include Manchester Airport, Carling, The Ideal Home Show, Faustino,, to name a few.

Our approach is simple; we clearly define the issue, develop the best solution and deliver outstanding results.

Every day clients benefit from our online surveys, enabling them to:

  • Connect with a large number of consumers cost effectively
  • Make prompt business decisions with live reporting of results

Respondents also benefit as:

  • They can complete surveys in their own time
  • They can give their honest views as there is no 'interviewer or group effect'
  • Zussi's surveys are always enjoyable to complete (we want them to have a good experience of your brand and ours!)
  • Zussi Research has a highly experienced team, drawn from a variety of industries, to offer our clients innovative, effective and versatile online market research.

We deliver consumer insight, competitive intelligence and market analysis.

Our services include:

  • Tracking Studies
  • Brand Advertising
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Web site evaluations
  • Product testing
  • Concept Testing
  • Online diaries
  • In-home product placement
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Employee research
  • Conjoint / multivariate techniques

Contact one of our consultants on 0114 281 4568 to find out what we can do for your organisation.

Tel: 0114 2815760
Fax: 0114 2815767